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Optiversal enriches and organizes the product catalogs of the world's largest retailers with the power of machine learning.

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Optiversal automatically writes novel product, marketing, and social copy that's creative, accurate, and on-brand. Use it to economically fill content gaps, differentiate your copy from competitors, and augment your social media strategy.

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adidas X Game of Thrones UltraBoost "White Walkers" Men's Shoe
AI-Written Description:
As winter's icy grip tightens its hold, the adidas X Game of Thrones UltraBoost team up to keep you warm. The stretchy knit upper helps you stay cool with ventilation in key sweat zones while Energy-returning cushioning and a flexible outsole provide comfort and responsiveness from touchdown to toe-off.
Next-level product discoverability.

Optiversal automatically discovers product assortment themes your customers are searching for and curates relevant landing pages to meet the demand. Pages are contextualized with AI-authored marketing copy and product insights.

  • Auto-suggests topics that are in demand
  • Creates product assortments that are relevant and always up to date
  • Contextualizes results with AI-authored copy and product detail
AI product assortments
Understand your customer.

Review insights give you a quick view into the customer experience, including the best and worst aspects of a product, self-reported traits of the product's users, and details on how the product is being used.

product insights

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All content generated by Optiversal is available via a flexible REST API, where it can easily be incorporated into your own properties and data pipelines.

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Optiversal captures new traffic and revenue, makes existing pages more performant, and never asks for a commission on your sales.

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